Nina Kristeva

Nina came to the US from Bulgaria on a quest for a new life and began practicing yoga in 2002 with the Soul of Yoga group in Encinitas, CA. This group was led by Tom Kelley, a Self-Realization Fellowship monk, who has devoted his life to meditation, humanitarian service, and the sacred art of Raja Yoga. She then made Greenville, SC her home and continued to deepen her yoga practice which was what sustained her through a challenging time of facing cancer. Nina returned to the Soul of Yoga for her teacher training in 2010 and started the yoga program for the Greenville County Cancer Society with the unconditional support from the Greenville Yoga Center in 2012. Nina first practiced hot yoga with the Urban Yoga studio in Seattle, WA. She believes through yoga we can connect to the inner strength and peace we already have. Her favorite motto is "Yoga is and here...". Nina will be teaching the Southern 26 series at Southern Om.

Nina Kristeva is currently not instructing any classes.