Erick Herlong

Erick is Yoga Alliance certified, (230 RYT) through the Asheville Yoga Center teacher training program. He is currently working towards a 500 hour certification through Asheville Yoga Center. I practice mindfulness and meditation in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hahn and received the transmission of the 5 Mindfulness Trainings in Sept of 2013.

"My yogic journey has been one of the heart. It has been a transformational process which has opened my life up in ways I never could have imagined. Learning to be still and know the truth of who we are can open us up to the love that binds us all together. It is my hope to share this process with my students to help all of us move towards healing and wholeness. I see yoga as a way of life which reaches far beyond our mat. It is a daily spiritual practice that can not only enhance our own lives, it can enhance the lives of everyone we interact with. It has the power to totally shift your perspective of the world we live in and our place in it. Albert Einstein said, " there are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle". Yoga can open your heart to the truth in these words."

Erick is the Vice President of Operations at Span America Medical Systems. When he is not teaching, practicing or learning more about yoga he enjoys spending time with his two daughters Kate and Virginia. Other interests are hiking, mountain biking and reading.

Erick Herlong instructs the following:
  • Bhakti Flow Workshop
  • Bhakti flow combines aspects of love, compassion and healing with the grace of vinyasa flow yoga. This workshop will not only stretch your body and your breath but will also stretch your heart by inviting you to move beyond the physical aspects of the practice and experience the asanas on an emotional level. The workshop will begin with a short talk, which will introduce Bhakti yoga along with a theme. This theme will be woven throughout the workshop. We will then have a 90 minute asana practice with specially selected music which will enhance the theme and energy of the class. We will incorporate universal mantras through Kirtan (singing together) – at the close of the class. This workshop will challenge you to let go of anything in your life that feels stagnate, it will empower you to create the life you desire by asking you to embrace the truth of who you are. The workshop will seek to provide a space for you to explore your yoga practice on a deeper more personal level in an effort to encourage you to live your life to its highest potential.
    Cost is $30.  You can pay online or at the Front Desk.
    *NOTE - this workshop lasts until 8:30 pm.