Marissa Marra

Marissa first discovered the power of yoga while living in Baltimore city in 2007, attending graduate school and searching for a healthy outlet to balance stress and establish a consistent workout routine. The physical and mental demands of hot yoga, positive environment, and desire to learn more- kept Marissa coming back to her mat. A few major life changes later- a move to Hawaii, and self discovering journey lead her to delve deeper and complete a 200RYT from Corepower Yoga Hawaii- heavily Baptiste and Iyenger inspired. Yoga became therapy, a safe place to turn inward despite the external world- which lead to a better version of self. Marissa guides with compassion, influenced by a medical career working with the Brain Injury population -creating a judgment-free space of encouragement and limitless beliefs. With mind-body-spirit connection; happiness, self-love and a balanced life are always available.

Marissa Marra instructs the following:
  • Southern Flow
  • Southern Flow is a flowing series of sun salutations, lunges, twists, balance postures, backbends, core strengthening, hip openers and inversions often referred to as Power Yoga. Designed to build core strength and flexibility while still maintaining focus on a meditative practice.