Tiffany Cohee

Yoga for me started at the age of 14 in 2011 when I stepped into my first Power Vinyasa class in Columbia S.C. i grew up in a small town called Camden, where their was no yoga to be found. After getting my license, I drove 45 minutes to downtown Columbia every Thursday to practice. Since moving to Greenville and experiencing all the great things about living in a city, I’ve practiced at multiple studios, branching out and trying different types of yoga. I don’t think theirs any type of yoga I dislike, it’s all great. Evolving my practice and trying new things has brought me clarity in situations life throws at me. It has also helped my physical and mental wellbeing. I honestly never liked exercising or physical activity, but yoga I can’t get enough of. This passion brought me to getting my 200-h RYT in August 2017 at Durga Yoga School guided by the amazing Caitlin West. Besides yoga, I have a passion for integrative medicine and natural products involving plants. I’ve received my Associates in Horticulture in 2018 and I am currently working on my bachelors plus working at a hydroponic greenhouse part time. I love being in my garden and using my herbs to make different tinctures and home remedies. I aspire to educate people on natural products from skin care, hygiene, natural healing remedies for sickness and injury, etc. all while using plants to do so. Through this practice and my passions I hope to help people feel their best in the short time we have on this Earth.

Tiffany Cohee instructs the following:
  • Power Hour
  • Power Hour is an abbreviated version of the 90 minute Southern Flow Hot Yoga class designed to build core strength and flexibility. (with less rest breaks)

  • Southern Flow
  • Southern Flow is a flowing series of sun salutations, lunges, twists, balance postures, backbends, core strengthening, hip openers and inversions often referred to as Power Yoga. Designed to build core strength and flexibility while still maintaining focus on a meditative practice.