What's New at the Studio
What's New at the Studio

Yoga Reminders!

Don't forget that this Sunday, January 29th is the Pranayama workshop form 1-3 with Silica.  You can register online and the cost is $20. Also, please check the lost and found.  We have LOTS of very nice shoes that have been left as well as water bottles and other items.  All items still remaining in the lost and found at the end of the month will be donated! Check out the Yoga Boutique for all the best in yoga and active wear! To view our pose of the week and our newsletter:

Register online on our website for FREE screening of May I Be Frank?

Follow this link below to register online for your space at the Southern Om screening of May I be Frank on Saturday, January 20th from 7-9pm.  This event is FREE and limited space is available.  If you have not seen this powerful movie, it is a beautiful story that will touch your heart, make you laugh, and perhaps give you inspiration to change something in your life that will bring you more joy. To register online  

May I be Frank screening at Southern Om!

Come watch May I Be Frank, on Friday, January 20th from 7-9 at Southern Om Hot Yoga. It is a beautifully written documentary that will touch your heart and perhaps give you courage to change something about your life that will bring you more joy. FREE and fun!  This event includes a post screening LIVE SKYPE  Q&A with Frank Ferrante! For more information about this inspiring movie For more information check Facebook  

New Year, New Beginnings!

Check out our January newsletter with information regarding two special events happening in January.  Also, a reminder to please check the lost and found located under the mat cleaning station.  We have oodles of shoes, water bottles, and clothes that have been left here.  At the end of January we will be making a donation of items still remaining, so please take a look when you are at the studio! To view our January yoga newsletter

Breathe Better in 2012!

Breathe better in 2012! Pranayama workshop on Sunday, January 29th from 1-3 with Silica. Cost is $20. Explore a variety of breathing exercises, some to stimulate and ignite fire within and others to calm and quiet the mind.  Learn techniques to use the powerful rhythm of your breath to influence your mood bringing you more balance and equanimity .  All levels welcome! For a workshop description or to register online      


Happy joyful and peaceful holidays from Southern Om!

Happy Holidays to everyone from those of us at Southern Om Hot Yoga!  We wish you and your family the best through out this holiday season and hope everyone  has a wonderful, happy, and festive week. New Years Eve and New Years Day, we will hold classes as scheduled with an additional partners' yoga workshop on New Years Day.  More details further along in this email. Check out the Yoga Boutique for all the best in yoga and active wear! To view our yoga newsletter follow link: