Class Descriptions

Southern Flow
Power vinyasa yoga where practitioners move through a series of postures to the rhythm of deep breaths, inspired by the Baron Baptiste Power Yoga method.

Time: 90 or 75 min class or 60 min Power Hour

Temp: 95 degrees with 45% humidity

Deep Southern Flow
A conscious sequence of Yoga postures held for longer periods of time, challenging students with awareness to find their “edge” in body, breath and mindfulness. Develops strength, endurance and concentration.

Time: 75 min class

Temp: 90-95 degrees with 30-40% humidity

Southern 26
A series of 26 static postures where each pose is held for 20, 30 or 60 seconds and repeated. Modeled after the Bikram style of hot yoga.

Time: 90 or 75 minute class

Temp: 105 degrees with 40% humidity

$5 Community Classes
$5 versions of our Southern Flow, Southern 26 and Deep Southern Flow series can be found on Fridays and Saturdays!  There is no pre-registration allowed for the $5 Friday Flow due to the popularity of the class.  Get here early and bring a friend!

Power Hour
Power Hour is an abbreviated version of the 90 minute Southern Flow Hot Yoga class designed to build core strength and flexibility. (with less rest breaks)

Time: 60 min class

Southern Yin
In a Yin Yoga class, you will hold a pose for 3-5 minutes. When holding a pose for longer periods of time the practitioner is able to get into the deeper parts of the body, the Yin parts. Tendons, ligaments, and joints are exercised, not stretched and the benefits of Yin are endless. We'll focus on the spine, forward folding, back bending, twisting, and side flexion, as well as the hips. As good as it will be for the body, a Yin practice can be challenging for the mind, because we rest into the poses. You will be talked through each posture and gently guided from one pose to another with more yang like movements to help the continuation of the blood flow to these yin-like places in the body.


Time: 75 or 90 min class


Temp: 90-95 degrees with 30-40% humidity


Southern Flow & Yin

This class offers both the dynamic movement of vinyasa flow and the meditative stillness of yin. About half of the class consist of a mindful breath and alignment centered flow to build strength and flexibility, challenging your balance and concentration, getting you out of your head and into your body. The other half of class finds you down on the mat holding yin poses for longer periods of time, targeting the connective tissues of the body to help release deeply stored tension. These two styles combined can very transformative. Room will be at minimal heat (85 degrees)


Southern Primary Series
Ashtanga Primary Series: The primary series is intended to realign the spine, detoxify the body, and build strength, flexibility, and stamina. The series of about 75 poses takes an hour and a half to two hours to complete, beginning with sun salutations and moving on to standing poses, seated poses, inversions, and backbends before relaxation. Room will be at minimal heat (85 degrees)

Time: 90-120 min class


Southern Kids

This playful class encourages self-expression as well as building social skills, strength, flexibility, and coordination. Children will learn how to focus and center themselves with various breathing and visualization techniques. They will also learn self-respect and respect for others with the practice of fun and challenging poses, partner and group poses, lots of yoga games, breathing and basic anatomy. Class is 60 minutes, with 15 minutes allowed for snacks/art time and 45 minutes of yoga activity. Children must be able to use the bathroom unassisted and respond well to direction. Appropriate for boys and girls, ages 5-11.


Southern Hot Pilates

Hot Pilates combines Mat Pilates principles with high intensity interval training in a heated studio environment. Hot Pilates creates long lean muscle mass, burns fat, and increases fitness levels. It creates a stronger core, improves circulation, and increases flexibility.


Southern Stretch

Southern Stretch is a restorative practice that targets tightness in your body and tension in your mind.  It is a refreshing way to enhance your flexibility and create a well-rounded daily practice.  You will use props such as blocks, bolsters and blankets to support your practice and access the nooks and crannies of your body. The effect is that you leave class feeling more open, more content, and more possibility in your whole being.

All of our classes are appropriate for yogis at all levels, and modifications are always available. Beginners are welcome at Southern Om!  Please arrive 15 minutes before class to allow time to set up your mat and complete new student paperwork.  We also want an opportunity to show you around the studio and ensure you have a pleasant first class experience.

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